Interior Design That Goes Beyond the Ordinary

If you want the finest interior design company in Cardiff with a team that is artistic and creative, then talk to us at Weston Decorators. Our design team has a mission to create stunning and beautiful interiors which are out of the ordinary and will make your home, office, or anywhere else a pleasure and delight in which to live or work.

For this reason, our design team does not make a lot of use of the colour magnolia. You see it everywhere, because it has always been regarded as a “safe” colour which won’t upset anyone. However, we believe that you want your space to stand out and be different. You want a home or office that people remark upon for its’ beauty. Certainly, we will sometimes suggest a colour similar to magnolia, but this is usually where a room is small or does not have a lot of natural light and therefore light-coloured walls work best.

Our team believes that the process of creating wonderful interiors should be fun, interesting, and stress-free. Therefore, we have broken it down into four stages: consultation, design, specification, and implementation.

First, we consult with you because we need to understand your hopes and aspirations about the finished look that you want to achieve. When we look at your room, or rooms, we can get some idea of what is possible, and we can also make suggestions about ideas you might not have considered. Maybe you want every room to look similar with a theme running through your home. On the other hand, you might want every room to look very different from the next one.

Once we know what you want to achieve, we then move on to the next stage which is design. If you are starting from scratch you will want us to incorporate furnishings, curtains, and so on, into the design.

Then it is specification, so we obtain samples of materials for your inspection along with all the relevant costing. When you have approved everything, we then move on to implementation in order to finally create the home or office of your dreams. We make your dreams a reality.

posted on 3 September, 2019 by admin