A Professional Decorating Job Beats The DIY Approach Hands Down

This is the time of year that many people start to think about redecorating the house. The children have just gone back to school, and it would be great to have a home makeover in time for Christmas, so that all your relatives will be amazed at how your home looks when they visit you.

Of course, a number of people do go down the DIY route, and that is entirely up to them, but painting, decorating, wallpapering, and tiling, are skills which take time to learn in order to do them properly. How many DIYer’s do you know who can paint a straight line freehand with a paint brush next to a window or a door? Probably not very many.

Furthermore, the most important part of painting and decorating is preparation. Removing old wallpaper, sanding down woodwork, filling holes or cracks in plaster, and all those sorts of jobs are boring. As a result, many DIY decorators don’t do them properly – if they do them at all. The attitude is often “that’s good enough”.

Well, for Weston Decorators the only thing that is good enough is perfection. That’s what you pay us for when you hire us as your interior decorator in Cardiff and that is what you get. We take the time to do the preparation work properly.

Think of it this way: if you owned a Ferrari (you should be so lucky!) you wouldn’t take it to Jim’s Garage on the corner when it needed a service. You would take it to the Ferrari dealer because you know that the job will be done properly. Yet, the DIY route of home decorating is the equivalent of Jim’s Garage.

When you are having your home redecorated, it is something that has to be right, because it is not something that you are going to do again next year. It has to last for years, and you have to enjoy it for years. Like anything else, when you get it done professionally you will get the results that you want and that you deserve. Yes, you pay a bit more, but you save all the aggro of doing it yourself and you also get a professional job, because we have our reputation of over 30 years to consider, so we ensure that the result is perfect.

posted on 1 October, 2019 by admin